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Lying on the sand were seven balls. As Alex put on her snorkel and mask, a ball came tumbling over the cliff and nearly doinked her on the shoulder. Stepping into the shallow waters of the cove, dozens of ballswhite, yellow and pinkdarted in the currents. It was like an Easter egg hunt, if the eggs darted around and 55 water occasionally crashed on your head. In 15 minutes more than 100 balls were plucked from the sea. Some were as smooth as Ping-Pong balls, their dimples having eroded on the ocean floor. "For sure there can be a sense of futility," Jack said, standing in waist-deep water. "Every time we're here, we collect so many balls. Then we come back a week later, and it seems like there are just as many as before." Indeed, the balls circulate with the tides, coming and going as they please.

Eventually the hunt moved to water that was seven or eight feet deep, with Alex and Jack free-diving to the sandy sea floor and filling mesh bags. They were joined by Alex's dad, Mike, and four friends, including two adventurous girls who made the quarter-mile swim from the beach to the cove: Mikaela Miller, 12, and Rachael Sammet, 17. In less than three hours 442 balls were collectedfrom one spot in a vast ocean.

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The actor studied Theatre, Film and Television at Bristol University in 1993 but did not complete the course. He took a year long sabbatical to join television show Shooting Stars and did not return. After high-fiving the chancellor, he said comedy partner David Walliams, also a university alumnus, would be fuming. Image caption David Walliams and Matt Lucas created characters such as Charles Gray and Vicky Pollard for Little Britain He and Walliams later wrote comedy sketch show Little Britain which became a huge hit. After being awarded the honorary degree, Mr Lucas high-fived university chancellor Sir Paul Nurse. Image copyright PA Image caption Matt Lucas described himself as a "charlatan" who had left Bristol University before completing his course He said: "I stand here before you in receipt of this great tribute. You fools." He said he quickly realised he had enrolled on a "serious course" but while other students found and challenged themselves, he just "walked up and down nearby Whiteladies Road with a cough". "I was also just generally useless at university life. I had few friends and rarely left my room, unless it was to go and cook something in the kitchen. "Today, you bring the entire university honours system into question by celebrating a charlatan who left university a year early in 1995, when most of this year's graduates were still in nappies, so that he could indeed wear a romper suit of his own, appear in a Cadbury Creme Egg advert and then do a sketch show with his friend," he said.

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Initially, most of the confetti blew right through. But when slime was added dubbed "mucus" for this purpose the nose blocked confetti much better, Maley said. "The mucus was pouring out of the nose," he said. "Great visual." Slime also is a great way to teach chemistry, said Mickey Sarquis, a professor emerita of chemistry at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The basic principle is simple, she said. Glue is basically a mixture of water and polyvinyl acetate, a type of polymer. These long, stringy molecular chains slip and slide past each other like cooked spaghetti in a pot of water, she said. But when you add borax, it forms chemical bonds between the "spaghetti" much like the rungs on a ladder, she said. The polymer strands can no longer slip and slide, and the result is gooey and stretchy. (Technical term: a cross-linked polymer.) Sarquis taught teachers how to use slime as a classroom tool, though back in the 1980s she called it "gluep," and published several related papers in the Journal of Chemical Education. Pro tip: when mixing borax powder in water, do it in a ventilated area, she said.

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